As the fastest growing life settlement provider several years running, top agents are choosing LifeRoc for their innovative model that produces great offers on every case.


The secret behind LifeRoc’s impressive growth:

  • LifeRoc’s industry leading large network of buyers that consistently produces top life settlement payouts.

  • LifeRoc does not participate in the commission – 100% of the payout goes to the advisor & their client. 

  • LifeRoc’s best in class case design & file building is proven to produce great offers on every case.

  • LifeRoc’s programs for young and healthy clients.

About LifeRoc Capital, LLC

LifeRoc is a fully licensed direct life settlement provider helping professional advisors unlock the value of life insurance policies for their clients. Partnering with the nation’s top financial institutions, independent trust firms, financial planners, attorneys, and CPAs, LifeRoc navigates the intricate and exciting world of life settlements. With a high-touch concierge approach, LifeRoc serves the high net worth and ultra-high net worth markets as the premier settlement partner.

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