LifeRoc has helped agents nationwide identify and capitalize on countless
Life Settlement opportunities within their existing book of business.

Life Settlements have become an increasingly important financial solution for seniors whose life insurance needs have changed.  Clients who sell a qualifying life insurance policy can often receive a great cash settlement and remove the burden of high premiums and prevent a policy lapse or surrender.

A recent report showed 90% of life insurance policies lapse.  That study also showed that 79% of clients feel their advisors should inform them about life settlements as an option. (*ICR Customer Market Research)

LifeRoc partners with the nation’s top insurance agents to help them navigate the exciting world of life settlements.

Life Settlements present an opportunity for agents and advisors to earn commissions on the sale of their client’s insurance policy and potential earnings on the client’s reinvestment of the life settlement proceeds.

Agents work with LifeRoc for our concierge approach to the Life Settlement process.  We provide agents direct access to the industry’s leading network of global buyers and 100% commission.  LifeRoc’s innovative approach streamlines the life settlement process for agents and their clients by eliminating the middleman and obtaining great offers in potentially as little as 24 hours.


Partner with LifeRoc to Identify Your Life Settlement Opportunities

Our proven system is free to agents and advisors and within minutes LifeRoc is able to identify all the potential Life Settlement opportunities within an exisiting book of business.  We provide agents with helpful sales materials such as: call scripts, qualifying questionnaires, email scripts, introduction letters, and informational marketing pieces.

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LifeRoc helps agents be best in class advisors to their clients.


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