Did you know that 90% of your clients’ life insurance policies will lapse prior to the client passing away?

A Life Insurance policy can be one of your clients’ most valuable assets. The good agents across the country realize this and are proactively reviewing their clients’ life insurance policies and informing them of their Life Settlement options prior to the policies lapsing or being surrendered.

When Clients’ Should Consider Selling their Life Insurance Policy through a Life Settlement

Life Settlements can provide much needed relief and benefits to your clients whose life insurance needs have changed.  With increasing premiums and dramatic changes in the current markets and economy, life settlements can provide much needed financial relief and immediate cash that can be used for any purpose.

A clients’ life insurance policy may no longer be the best investment for a variety of reason including: 

  • The beneficiary of the policy is no longer living.
  • Grown children who are now self sufficient no longer need the policy for security.
  • The client needs the funds to pay for medical treatments and  or long-term care.
  • The client can no longer afford the premiums.
  • The policy is no longer a good investment and the policy can be sold and re-invested in better options.
  • The policy is in jeopardy of lapsing or being surrendered and qualifies for a life settlement.

How Your Clients can Benefit from a Life Settlement


Life Settlements can help your clients maximize the value of their life insurance as one of their most important and often overlooked assets.   Still many Americans, agents and advisors or unaware of life settlements as an option and the benefits a life settlement can provide that can include:

The Client: 

  •  A life settlement can prevent surrendering a policy for a fraction of the policy’s value.
  • A life settlement can povide immediate cash to be used for healthcare, home improvement, travel or other investments.
  • Selling a life insurance policy through a life settlement will remove the burden of future premiums.

The Beneficiary: 

  • A life settlement can be a partial policy sale and still retain a benefit for the beneficiary.
  • The client can give a portion of their life settlement proceeds to their beneficiary while they are still living.

The Agent or Advisor: 

  • A life settlement can provide best in class solutions for their clients that might otherwise be missed or overlooked and result in a significant loss for the client.
  • The life settlement transaction can result in a lucrative commission for the agent or advisor.

Agents work with LifeRoc for our concierge approach to the Life Settlement process.  We provide agents direct access to the industry’s leading network of global buyers and 100% commission.  LifeRoc’s innovative approach streamlines the life settlement process for agents and their clients by eliminating the middleman and obtaining great offers in potentially as little as 24 hours.


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