Grow your life settlement business with LifeRoc’s pillars for success…

The LifeRoc platform is proven to help agents grow their life settlement business and close more cases.   We attribute this success to these 4 pillars that set LifeRoc apart from other life settlement companies.

LifeRoc is well known for our concierge approach to the Life Settlement process. We provide agents direct access to the industry’s leading network of global buyers and 100% commission.  Our innovative approach streamlines the life settlement process for agents and their clients by eliminating the broker and more efficiently providing offers.

Pillar 1.
Agents have direct access to our vast network of buyers. (NO Middleman Brokers)

Pillar 2.
100% of the commission is passed directly to you.

Pillar 3.
Superior life insurance product understanding and medical underwriting expertise.

Pillar 4.
Unmatched transparency and concierge support.

LifeRoc Capital is the industry leading life settlement platform trusted by top agents and advisors across the country. As a team, we have settled over $20 Billion in face amount and we purchased 5 times more death benefit in 2021 than in 2020.


LifeRoc is here to help advisors and their clients successfully navigate the life settlement market and process. 

Call our team today at (888)662-0180 to leverage our experience and grow your life settlement business.