Why do top advisors across the country trust LifeRoc Capital as their go-to life settlement platform?

The LifeRoc Advantage

LifeRoc Capital is the trusted provider to advisors across the country. As a team, we have settled over $10 Billion in face amount. Here’s why the nation’s top financial institutions, insurance agents, financial planners, independent trust firms, CPAs and attorneys trust LifeRoc to provide best in class solutions for their clients:

LifeRoc: does not receive any commissions, provides you and your clients with access to the industry’s leading network of global buyers, which consistently generates great offers while allowing you to receive 100% of the commission.

Life Settlement Broker: receives 30-50% of your commission, shops your cases with their various buyers to try and get the best offer.

Traditional Provider: does not charge you any commission, may negotiate against you and the client in an attempt to buy the policy for the minimal amount possible, often deal directly with clients without an agent involved.

Partnering with LifeRoc gives advisors a wide range of programs and our well known concierge service that provides detailed free 24-hour policy valuations and case design, LifeRoc helps advisors bring back great settlement offers for their clients with core programs that include:

  •  Traditional Life Settlement: Direct access to LifeRoc’s leading global network of policy
    buyers to create the greatest value for each life settlement case.
  • Cash for Term: Obtain settlement offers for Convertible and Non-Convertible term
  • Retained Death Benefit: Provide a variety of solutions for clients who still need
  • Healthy Life Settlement: It is possible to provide settlements for even the healthiest
    insured clients.
  • Variable Life Settlement: Variable CLS is an industry first – a platform for transacting
    VUL compliant life settlements.
  • Whole Life Solution: Buyer will purchase whole life policies without and with loans.
  • Accelerated Life Settlement: Accelerated LS allows advisors to obtain settlement
    offers in as little as 48 hours.


Call us today with your next life settlement case at (888)662-0180 and leverage our experience to obtain great offers for your clients.