Are you still using a life settlement broker for your life settlement business?

Below you can clearly see the distinct advantages of LifeRoc in comparison to the Life Settlement Broker model.  

Life Settlement Brokers: Life Settlement Brokers are designed to work with advisors but do so at a high expense to the advisor. Life Settlement Brokers present cases to their personal network of buyers in hopes of obtaining a high offer. For their services life settlement brokers typically take 30 to 50 % of the advisor’s commission.

LifeRoc Capital: LifeRoc’s platform provides higher transparency, zero fees or commission splits, and great offers to advisors and their clients.  This platform is growing in popularity among top agents and advisors and as a result LifeRoc was named the fastest growing life settlement provider in the industry in 2021.

LifeRoc Capital is the trusted provider to advisors across the country. As a team, we have settled over $10 Billion in face amount and we purchased 5 times more death benefit in 2021 than in 2020. Here’s why the nation’s top financial institutions, insurance agents, financial planners, independent trust firms, CPAs and attorneys trust LifeRoc to provide best in class solutions for their clients:

  • DIRECT ACCESS to the industry’s leading network of global buyers.
  • 100% COMMISSION, plus we do the heavy lifting and cover the cost for Aps & LEs. With LifeRoc, there are no 3rd party broker fees or case and commission splits.
  • OUTSIDE THE BOX SOLUTIONS with our unique life settlement programs, from traditional to challenging life settlement cases, including healthy, partial policy and variable life settlements and more.
  • CASE DESIGN EXPERTISE and a team that understands medical underwriting, life expectancies and life insurance products.


LifeRoc is here to help advisors and their clients successfully navigate the life settlement market and process.  Call our team today at (888)662-0180 to leverage our experience and gain access to the premier life settlement model in the industry.