Life Settlement Success Story with a
ValuedLifeRoc Partner

An agent recently reached out to LifeRoc after an annual review of his client’s $2,500,000 life insurance policy to determine how to best maximize the value of the policy.

LifeRoc was able to help the agent and his client with sizable cash offer of $405,000 through a life settlement. The client was then free from future premiums and able to reinvest the cash received per the agentโ€™s recommendation.


Client Details: Female, Age 75
Health: Good
Policy Face Value: $2,558,837.00
Annual Premium: $43,421.00
Surrender Value: $29,163.00


Here is a recent endorsement from a valued partner:

“As a life settlement broker, I have had the pleasure of working with LifeRoc Capital for several years. LifeRoc has always been invaluable in helping me navigate the life settlement process, and in achieving great results for my clients. LifeRoc is professional in its approach, and I have always felt informed and prioritized by them. We share the same goal of providing our clients with the best possible options”. – Matthew Z..

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