Here are some of the most common reasons for a life settlement 

LIFEROC helps agents and their clients navigate the life settlement process to obtain great offers with our industry leading network of buyers.  A life settlement can be a great alternative to a lapsed or surrendered policy and may benefit your clients most when:

1. Selling a Business
A policy bought for a buy-sell agreement may become unnecessary.  With the business no longer inthe picture, both the need for the policy and the ability to pay for it may have vanished

2. A Business Owner Retiring
Business Owners frequently acquire a number of life insurance policies in the course of operating their company that are no longer wanted upon the retirement or termination. These include buy-sell key-person, etc.

3. A decline in Estate Value and/or a decrease in Estate Tax Liability
Both today’s struggling economy as well as the reduction in state tax liabilities make this particular scenario quite common.

4. A Term Policy is about to expire
Term policies are among the most likely life settlement prospects to be overlooked. Since term policies generally don’t have any cash surrender value, a life settlement can truly provide “found” money.

5. The Policy is no Longer Affordable
Many policy owners are now being blindsided by increased premium requirements that dramatically exceed what they are able to pay.

6. Terminal or Chronic Illness
While these illnesses would ordinarily be a time when the death benefit of a life insurance policy would seem most imminent, certain illnesses may require very costly medical or custodial care. When all else fails, a life settlement can provide critically needed funds to help pay those expenses.

7. Other: Divorce, Health Care Costs, Under Performing Policy, Need for Cash, Outlived it’s Original Purpose

Life Settlement Qualifications

Policy: Must be at least 2 years old
Death Benefit: $100,000 + 
Age: 65 or older
Type of Policy: Term, UL, IUL, SUL, WL, and Variable


Do you have a client that could benefit from a life settlement?

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