NEW 2021 Life Settlement annual market data continues to show
growth and demand in the Life Settlement Industry 


Life Settlements are an essential financial solution that top agents and financial professionals can provide for their retirement age clients.  Current market volatility and economic uncertainty requires innovative thinking in our industry and the statistics below demonstrate Life Settlements as a lucrative option for agents and their clients.

More than 3000 life settlement transactions were completed in 2021 that resulted in $750 Million dollars paid to clients for the sale of their unwanted life insurance policies.  Here is some additional information from the data gathered:

  • Clients received on average 7.8 times more by selling their policies.
  • Clients received $660 million more than the cash surrender value of their policies
  • $4 Billion in total face value was purchased on the secondary market.
  • The average policy size or net death benefit per policy of $1.33 Million.

There are over 9 Million policies and of that $642 Billion in death benefit is still lapsed or surrendered each year.  This number could be greatly reduced as more agents, advisors and consumers are educated about of Life Settlements as a great option for maximizing the value of life insurance as an important and liquid asset.


Partner with LifeRoc on Your Next Life Settlement Case


The LifeRoc model is unlike any other life settlement outlet: When you work with LifeRoc you gain a partner that provides you with direct access to the industry’s leading network of global buyers and passes along 100% of the commission directly to you. Additionally:

  • Industry leading programs for young and healthy clients, partial policy sales and a fully compliant variable life platform.
  • Experienced team who understands medical underwriting, life expectancies, and life insurance product pricing.
  • We’re responsible for file building and the cost for APSs & LEs.


Call us today at (888)662-0180 to learn more about life settlements as a financial solution for your clients that face possible surrender or lapsing of their life insurance policies.